Here we list some archived versions of EnVision
Current Version:
Mac: 1.9.06
Windows: 1.9.06

Windows Users: 2021-01-16: Starting with v1.8.17 the licensing system has changed on Windows which will invalidate your current license. You can re-enter your activation key to activate EnVision again.  Please see this forum post for more details.

MacOS Users: If you were brought here by an automatic upgrade from within EnVision, please download and install the Mac version above to update. Note you may have to delete the previous version of EnVision from the Applications folder first.

MacOS users 10.13 and lower: There are some known issues with the latest version of EnVision when run on older Mac operating system versions.

Known Issues in v1.8.14 - v1.8.17: 

  • On some version of MacOS, 10.13 and lower, there are some rendering issues in Print Mode. If these issues affect you, you can remain on EnVision version 1.8.11.

EnVision Versions for Mac

EnVision Versions for Windows